About Us

Who We Are

We exist for the young people in our area, which includes most of Indiana and nearby portions of Illinois and Kentucky.  Our board members and camp staff members come from Churches of Christ in the Midwest.   We are simply Christians who have a deep concern for the development and welfare of young people in every way: socially, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

  • We want young people to meet others their own age from families that share a common bond in Christ;
  • We want young people to be able to participate in fun activities that are wholesome and are consistent with their faith;
  • We want young people to think about their faith as they plan their post-school directions. This includes Florida College, a college in Temple Terrace, FL which is directed by Christians.

We Are Not

  • A "church camp" or "Bible camp." Our camp is recreational in nature. We have Bible study each day and devotional period(s) because Christians should do these, but we do not replace the church. We are an extension of the family. Parents provide nurturing and recreation for their child, and we assist. We do not-and would not-accept money from any church. Camp fees fund everything we do;
  • A place to make money. All our camp staffers are members of congregations in the Midwest. Several are elders, deacons, or evangelists. The staff receives a camp fee discount for donating their time, but no cash changes hands. With team-related props and do-dads, they spend money out-of-pocket to attend camp each year. Our staff has very low turnover, so young people get to know the staff members. Most staff folks have been here 6-15 years, and we feel like camp folks are an extended family. We're thankful that they give up a week of their vacation to be with 200 children. We could never afford to pay them what they are worth.


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