What to Bring

Whether it's the first time you're coming to camp or you just don't want to forget anything, here's a list of things you may want to bring.

  • Comfortable shoes
    Two or more pairs. They will get very dirty. Recommend one good pair for night events, others for activities.  Old shoes are great!  Shoes get wet while canoeing. Consider buying a cheap pair of webbed boating shoes (e.g. Wal-Mart).
  • Plenty of towels
    Campers shower 1-2 times a day. Old towels are best for camp !
  • Plenty of proper clothing
    Shorts must come to the knee ! No sleeveless shirts! Campers may change clothes 1-2 times daily, especially when it's hot. Counselors usually have a clothesline to hang out clothes to dry. If you do not wear acceptable clothing, you will be sent home. Wear old clothes to camp !
  • Cotton sheets, pillow, bed covers and/or a sleeping bag
    The bunks all have plastic covers, so bring a sheet to cover them, even if you are bringing a sleeping bag. It occasionally gets down near 50 degrees at night - bring a blanket along!
  • Storage for clothes
    Bunks have a 12 inch clearance from the floor. Cardboard boxes, tubs, or milk crates all work fine. They can be put under or beside them.
  • Laundy bag
    Extra pillow case or netting bag to hold dirty clothes. We don't recommend plastic - clothes acquire strong odors in them!
  • Shower Tote
    Small, inexpensive bucket to carry personal items (toothbrush, soap, etc) to shower.
  • Flip flops or shower shoes
    Wear them to take a shower because the shower floors can get grungy.
  • Personal medications, inhalers
    We cannot prescribe medicine while at camp-you must bring it.
  • Extension cords
    A 9-12 foot cord is great for fans and such in the cabins.
  • Flashlight
    We use them at night, and once in a while if the power goes out at camp !
  • Sun screen or a hat
    We are outdoors all afternoon each day.
  • Talent
    If you want to participate in the Talent Show, bring music, props, or whatever you need for your act. We screen music before the show:
  • Softball glove
    We play softball a couple of times. Write your name on it !
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