Jr. Week FEMALE Registration

NOTE You are registering as a FEMALE for MSC Jr. Week. Please expand each section and provide the requested information.
Camper Information
Please enter your camper's FIRST & LAST NAME as you'd like it to appear on her camp button. No nicknames (i.e. Bubba, Sports King, Craft Diva, Volleyball Victor, etc.) will be allowed, only variations of her birth name.
How old will you be on Aug. 1?
Camp Information
What grade will you be in this fall?
How many times have you attended MSC before?
Parent / Guardian
Insurance Information
Proof of insurance MUST BE PROVIDED in order for your child to attend
Medical Information
Medical conditions or purpose of medications (e.g. Diabetes, skeletal, neurological, cardiac, behavioral, allergies, etc.)
List prescribed and over the counter medications. If there are medications, the Conditions are also required.
Known food or drug allergies
Ibuprofen (Advil)
Maalox or Pepto-Bismol
Neosporin Ointment
Benadryl (oral/cream)
Non-Drowsy Allergy Relief
Please check all medications which our medical staff may give to your camper. We will not administer any of these without your approval.
Date of last tetanus booster vaccination. Leave blank if unknown
Emergency Pickup
Names and phone numbers of those allowed to pick up the child in case of medical need or other situation while camp is in session. (Upon arrival, this person must present proof of identity before a camper will be released to their care). NOTE: Campers will be allowed to leave camp only with parent /guardian or the below designated parties. Campers WILL NOT be allowed to leave with anyone else.
Any additional comments you need to provide. Please include any special circumstances about your child, such as if they are a sleep walker, if they tend to wander off, etc.