Midwest Summer Camp: Through the Years


July 11-17, 1982 – MSC is established for youth ages 10-18 in Brown County, Indiana under the direction of Bob & Charlotte Dickey ● Marilyn & Linton Ward begin 3-year reign as kitchen directors ● Eddie Curtis was named MSC’s first-ever “Camper of the Year” ● The “Shirley Stauffer Memorial Scholarship” is established

1984 – MSC moves to Shakamak State Park in Jasonville, Indiana under the direction of Steve & Connie Niemeier ● Ron Walker begins 4-year reign as sports director ● The first “Jr. Olympics” are held, introducing the infamous Obstacle Course ● MSC begins its annual trip to Holiday World

1985 – Marsha & Lanny Hosfield become kitchen directors

1986 – MSC holds its one and only “Little 5­00” tricycle race ● Becky & Clay Curtis begin 12-year run as kitchen directors ● Lydia Owens begins her near 25-year reign as “craft lady” ● Theme: “Overcoming the Goliaths in Life”

1987 – Annual team “Lip Sync Competition” begins ● Julian Owens begins 24-year run on the sports staff

1988 – The first running of the “Blind Man Relay” ● Jerry & Vinny Price begin their tenure as permanent camp staff

1989 – Cabin 2 Pillow Fight Championship begins

1992 – MSC begins its annual trip to Six Flags ● MSC rents paddle boats because the camp’s canoes had been stolen ● Teams are first identified as animal names ● The “Mike Hall Memorial Scholarship” is established

1993 – Theme: “Who I Am Makes a Difference”

1994 – Theme: “Let Me Be a Good Follower”

1995 – The “Sam Pock Memorial Award” (Rookie of the Year) is established and Amanda Carpenter is the first recipient

1997 – Mark & Rita Newton become MSC directors ● Don Dew begins 6-year run as sports director ● Myra Dew begins 6-year reign as “craft lady” ● Belinda & Mike Loughmiller assume kitchen director duties ● Teams are once again identified as colors instead of animal names ● Theme: “Happiness Is the Lord”

1998 – John & Ellen Wright retire from longtime sports staff, concessions, campfires & cabin maintenance ● Theme: “WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?)”

1999 – The “Rick Hubartt Memorial Award” (Reaching Higher Award) is established and Chad Troxell is first recipient ● Theme: “The Power of 1”

2000 – MSC splits into MSC Sr. Week (ages 12-18) and MSC Jr. Week (ages 8-11) ● Scott & Lisa Bryan are first directors of MSC Jr. Week ● Mitzi Parsons becomes first Jr. Week kitchen director ● Cabin 2 Pillow Fight Championship begins at MSC Jr. Week ● Sr. Week Theme – “Live It 24/7” ● Jr. Week Theme – “Whatever Your Hand Finds to Do, Do It With All Your Might”

2001 – Sr. Week Theme – “Rock Solid”

2002 – Courtney Dickey begins 6-year reign as Jr. Week kitchen director ● Sr. Week Theme – “Light the Fire” ● Jr. Week Theme – “Trust in the Lord with All of Your Heart”

2003 – Bill Craddock begins 5-year run as Sr. Week sports director ● Sr. Week Theme – “In, Not Of” ● Jr. Week Theme – “A Good Name is to Be Chosen Rather Than Great Riches”

2004 – Jason & Melodie Dorn become MSC Jr. Week directors ● Sr. Week Theme – “Get a Life!” ● Jr. Week Theme – “Run the Race”

2005 – Vernon & Susan White retire after more than a decade as canoe directors ● Sr. Week Theme – “Better You Than Me” ● Jr. Week Theme – “Different Is Good”

2006 – Sharron Dorn retires after 25 years as camp nurse ● Andy Dickey begins 4-year run as Jr. Week sports director ● Compadres are introduced at MSC ● Theme: “What Goes Around, Comes Around”

2007 – Shakamak upgrades group campground to include air conditioning and in-cabin showers ● Theme: “Hit the Mark”

2008 – Todd & Susan Hall become MSC Sr. Week directors ● Simon & Teresa Harris become Sr. Week sports directors ● Ellen Hunter becomes Jr. Week nurse ● Theme: “In God We Trust”

2009 – MSC Sr. Week introduces “Ten Flags Day” ● Julie Essary becomes Sr. Week “craft lady” ● Carla Cook retires from Jr. Week “craft lady” ● Kelsey Wynne Harris “On Eagles’ Wings Award” is established and first recipient is Emily Shaffer ● “Ron Walker Memorial Campership Award” is established and first recipient is Jacob Dispennett ● Theme: “F.R.O.G. (Fully Relying On God)”

2010 – Tyson & Ryan Bacon become MSC Jr. Week directors ● Scott & Tina Mitchell become Jr. Week sports directors ● Kristie Maudlin becomes Jr. Week kitchen director ● Laura Tackett becomes Jr. Week “craft lady” ● Theme: “Rising Above”

2011 – Bonnie Wildman retires after five years as Sr. Week camp nurse ● Theme: “Making a Difference”

2012 – At 112 degrees, Sr. Week endures the hottest camp on record ● Judy Marchbanks becomes Sr. Week nurse ● Jr. Week expands to 10 teams with a record-breaking 133 campers ● Theme: “Life Under the Sun”

2013 – Greg & Stacy King become Sr. Week sports directors ● Theme: “Impossible is Nothing!”

2014 – "Stacy King Memorial Fund" is established ● Theme:  "God Fits!"

2015 – Sr. Week has a record-breaking 204 campers ● Brenda King becomes Sr. Week nurse ● Jr. Week has a record-breaking 162 campers ● Kristie Maudlin retires as Jr. Week kitchen director ● Theme: "Be Strong"



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